Paul Craig Roberts
The Problem With Ukraine

Dateline: 8 August 2014

Back in March I blogged here about the unrest in Ukraine. I provided a link to the insightful geopolitical analysis of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts regarding what was really happening over there. Dr. Roberts was very concerned. He pointed to America's involvement with the violence, destabilization, and regime change in that country. He warned of much worse things to come. And he was right.

This Ukrainian situation boggles my mind. I can see no legitimate purpose for Washington to be leading America into a war with Russia over the Ukraine. Not only are we messing with the national security interests of Russia, we have initiated round after round of economic sanctions. There is a new "cold war," and America has started it.

They say that one of the first casualties of war is the truth. My government has given me no reason to believe anything it says these days. I no longer believe that Washington has the best interests of the American people in mind. This country appears to be self-destructing on multiple fronts. It's powerfully disturbing.

I respect Paul Craig Roberts, and I believe his analysis of this Ukraine situation is as close to the truth as  it gets. He is a former Washington insider. He has experience in academia. He is a former Wall Street Journal editor.  He comes across as an apolitical, independent-minded American patriot. Maybe he has me fooled, but I think this man has a degree of credibility and gravitas that few other analysts have.

With that in mind, I recently listened to a radio interview in which Dr. Roberts pretty much explained the whole sorry story about this Ukrainian situation. If you want to hear his perspective on how this war-in-the making has come about, and what to expect in the future, please listen to this Interview With Paul Craig Roberts. (the 2nd half of the interview is particularly informative)


JCT said...

"My Government has given me no reason to believe anything it says these days" pretty much says it all ! I also have this belief, sad to say.
I hope we, as a people, can rid ourselves of the plague of politicians that are hell bent on ruining this great country for their personal gain, soon.

Anonymous said...

This old, oft-repeated saying bears RE-repeating over and over again:

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."

The mad hubris of our "masters" is simply staggering, and I truly pray we Americans can once again reassert our legitimate and constitutional local and state sovereignty (aka responsibilities) in order to reign in, nullify, or break away from a DC that is indeed hell-bent, for the sake of its imperial, corporatist, utopian goals, its and our destruction.

God have mercy!

David Smith

Unknown said...

Sad to say... but I agree with you and don't believe anything our government says either. How can this be possible... but there is no denying the facts. The American conservative is in BIG trouble here.

Anonymous said...

The real intention of this whole scenario is divide and conquer. We live in a world where the robber barons have no allegiance to any country. They have only self interest. The US does not represent our interests, it represent theirs. Their interest is self-interest. They will be sitting in their armored bunkers while we suffer the nuclear strikes. As long as they come out smelling like roses, the destruction of the rest of America and the rest of the world means nothing to them. I personally believe it is a truly Satanic agenda. Denying God has been the motive of these people all along. All these tax free foundations have created a financial windfall for these individuals. They have also served as moral teflon to mask their crimes. God help us.