In With The Old

Dateline: 1 January 2015

This painting can be found at the
Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art.
(click for larger view)

Has anyone reading this been there?

Today's blog post has come about after reading This Blog Post that I wrote back in 2008. It was, in part, a story of how I nearly got hit by a train, and then, after blathering on a bit, I wondered if vintage gum might be the next investment bubble. 

I decided to update that old post by adding a picture (I rarely had pictures on my blogs in "the old days") and I updated the small font to Georgia large, which I think is easier on the eyes (you are reading it now).

One thing led to another and I ended up deleting some posts for various reasons. Then I decided to update a bunch of my writings from 2006. 

People who read this blog come and go. New folks are coming along all the time. So I'd like to start 2015 with a look back at a small collection some of my older writings....


Everett R Littlefield said...

Hi Herrick, Now be sure and leave this one up for quite a while as It will take me a while to red thru all of them! I have bought every Eric Sloane book I can find since you turned me on to them. Am looking at some of the pictures to acquire also.

Regarding the genaeology post back there somewhere, found out that that family arrived here in two contingents. First one was with the Virginia group after the Roanoke debacle. then the next group/guy was on the Mayflower.
Extrapolating these finds a little bit, I found out my youngest sons wife is an Algonquin Indian descendant. So my 20 year old granddaughter has both blood lines running in her! Told her that I HOPE THIS DOESN"T GIVE HER ANY INTERNAL CONFLICTS ABOUT WHO IS THE ONE TO EXTOL!!!

Diana R.Smith said...

Please keep the large print...appreciate not having to squint at the screen with my one good eye. We are really interested in the clamp idea you showed yesterday. Have been kicking around idea of digging a root cellar but this sure would be a whole lot easier and faster.

Sheila Gilbert said...

I just read all of the links you posted, and loved every one of them.
I have to admit that I laughed quite a bit at a few of them. Especially "make your own chicken feed by growing maggots on dead animal carcasses" Now who wouldn't want to do something like that? !!!!
Sir, you have made my day.
Thank you,

Herrick Kimball said...

Thanks, Sheila.

I'm pleased to know you enjoyed these old essays.