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How I Plant My Garlic
Making Pickled Garlic Scapes
Harvesting Garlic
Curing Garlic
Making Great Garlic Powder


pigbear said...

I like your site a lot.
I happened upon it from the garlic angle.

I just pulled up a single plant I was growing from a clove of unknown origin. It never bloomed, but I waited til the leaves were quite brown. The bulb looks like an onion! its very round and smooth.
I wonder if it even has individual cloves inside.
Anyway, I was looking at images of freshly harvested garlic and came across your site.
I like it a lot, and I plan to return to read more about garlic and maybe other things.
(I'm a former chef, amateur gardener, and full-time, life-long garlic LOVER)

Culland said...

Great read! Out of curiosity, what variety of stiffneck do you use?


mgeorge0090 said...

Mr. Kimball,

I have been a regular reader now for almost a year. I also have 4 of your books. I enjoyed your book "Making Great Garlic Powder" and wanted to put the lessons in the book to use. Only one problem, no garlic. I decided to try peppers and make my own red pepper. I have since given away a few bottles to family and friends, and everyone has come back requesting more. I unfortunately did not grow enough peppers this year to keep up with demand, but will expand the garden next year. I plan on selling small scale much like you do with garlic. The difference from home grown vs. store bought is remarkable. If you don't mind and would accept, I would like to send you a complimentary bottle of my red pepper. It is great for chili, and my favorite application is to add a kick to barbeque sauce. I would understand if you reject, recieving gifts from stragers can make many people uncomfortable.

Thanks for all your writings and lessons you share on your journey away from the giant mess the big business and the government has created. I look to your blog for ideas and direction on how to accomplish the same independence.

Herrick Kimball said...

The red pepper powder sounds like a great home business idea and I wish you the very best with it. I have no problem accepting your complimentary bottle. It sounds good. You can send it to:

Whizbang Books
PO Box 1117
Moravia, NY 13118

Thank you!

Leslie H said...

Have you ever tried Onion Powder? Just curious

Herrick Kimball said...

Leslie H—
Yes, homemade onion powder is very good... well worth making.