Deliberate Agrarian Archives: Raising & Processing Poultry

Deliberate Agrarian Archives: Essays About Raising & Processing Poultry

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How To Properly Whizbang-Pluck A Chicken
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Getting Started With Turkeys
Turkeys in Tractors & Comfrey For Feed
Me and My Turkeys
Thank You Harvey Ussery!
Our 2008 Chicken Harvest
Grow HUGE Red Mangle Beets! (For Your Chickens)
Mangle Beet Harvest


Anonymous said...

I just happened across your site (I actually forgot what I was originally searching for!)and I could read for hours and hours, but farm and garden chores await my attention.
Our family too raised cornish chickens and butchered them in two batches at 9 wks old. Our kids, 8 and 10, helped too. They are involved in all parts of our hunting, fishing, chicken raising and gardening. Cool to see other families doing the 'back to the land thing'. We also have turkeys and it is our first time raising them. Also we are trying geese for the first time too. This year we didn't apply for our out of state hunting tags, so we are filling our freezer with all the chickens and fish and anything else we can get!!
Earthgirl / Ps65:11


Nice blog. Thank you for sharing. Meat Suppliers, PA